St Mary's Holy Assumption
Russian Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
Bullten, May 7 2017

St. Mary’s Holy Assumption Orthodox Church

141 Den Road

Stamford, CT o6903

Rectory 203-329-9933

May 7, 2017




Epistle Acts 9: 32-42

Gospel  John 5: 1-15


Coffee Hour

May 7 Nana Tashishvili

May 14 Tina Couch

May 21 Volunteers needed

May 28 Volunteers needed


Church Services

May 13 Saturday Vespers at 6PM

May14 Sunday Divine Liturgy at 10 AM




On behalf of Father Vladimir, the Church Council, the Choir members and all Parishioners and friends of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of Stamford, and as President of the Church Council, I would like to express our love, sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Choir Director, Irina Lvovsky.


Irina has served as Choir Director for the last 6 years. As a labor of love, she has devoted many hours to prepare music, teach the singers of the choir, and direct the choir for most of the Services.

Irina ,along with the support of those close to her, held concerts for Nursing Homes at Christmas time each year.

This labor of love for the Church not only organized and developed our choir, but because Irina performed these duties voluntarily, it saved our Church thousands of dollars.


We also want to express our thanks and sincere appreciation to Andrey, Irina’s husband, who gladly supported her in many ways so she could continue her work in the Church.

In addition to serving in the Church, Irina has also supplied the plants and bushes in front of the Church and sees to it that the grounds in the front of the Church always look beautiful.


Irina, we all extend our love to you and your wonderful family.

We pray that The Lord God keep you and your family in good health and Grant you all Many Years!  МНОГАЯ  ЛЕТА!


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