St Mary's Holy Assumption
Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
Bulletin August 14, 2022

St. Mary Holy Assumption Orthodox Church

141 Den Road

Stamford, CT 06903

August 14, 2022

Epistle:1 Corinthians 4:9-16

Gospel: Matthew 17:14-23

Church Services

Sat. Aug. 27 Vespers at 6PM

Sun. Aug. 28 Divine Liturgy at 10AM

Mon. Aug. 29Behaeding of ST. John the Baptist.  Divine Liturgy at 10AM. Strict fast.

Coffee Hour Hostesess

Sun., Sept. 4 , 11, 18, and 25    Volunteers needed

The proceeds from the coffee hour are used

 to help pay expenses also. Actually, it has

 been the only minor fundraising income all summer.

 Even if you don’t come down every week to this

 social affair, you can help the church by sponsoring

 a coffee hour.

 There is a list of suggestions of what you can bring and a sign up sheet

 on the bulletin board by the kitchen.

Church Sign Donation

The Church Council has authorized the Church Name and Holy Cross that will be etched on white stone. It will be very nice. Also the date the Church originated will be etched on at the bottom.

The trees near the sign will be taken down because they would hide the sign. Other plantings will replace them.

We still need $1000 to complete this project or funds will have to be taken out of savings to cover it.

Every donation will be greatly appreciated.

Church Picnic

The Church Picnic was canceled because of lack of participation.

The Church council had agreed if there were not enough people planning to attend, the Picnic will be postponed until sometime in September when everyone is back from vacation.


F.Y.I. Pres. Barbara Driscoll

I’m sure we are all feeling the rising prices, inflation and other issues.

Our Church which is very important to all of us is feeling it too.


This summer the Church building had major problems that needed to be attended to.  The cost of the replacements or repairs was great.

The Air conditioner condenser was replaced and other work on the system had to be done. Electrical work had to be done regarding the furnaces and thermostats. Also the vents throughout this church building had to be cleaned out. It was estimated that they were not cleaned in many, many years. This affects how the furnaces run and cleaning them helps to breathe in clean air.

A new Church sign was needed because the original one was destroyed during a bad tornado type storm.

You cannot cover the expenses of the Church without having Fundraisers throughout the year which definitely requires the help of all our parishioners and those people who come regularly to Church and still have not become official parishioners.


Basically to keep the Church running, approximately $6,500 is needed in offerings and/ or donations monthly.  This does not include heating oil in winter, insurances on the Church, and Diocesan Fair Share.

If you have any ideas for fundraising or have special abilities, please speak to any of our Council members.


May God Bless You All!












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