St Mary's Holy Assumption
Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
Patricia Lanuk
Patricia Lanuk passed away peacefully on Monday, Aug 20 2018 at home. May God grant her Heavenly Kindom.
Thursday is viewing 5 to 8PM  Panahida 7PM. 
Funeral on Friday, August 24, at 10:30 at the church
Memory Eternal!
Olga Moscowitch
Olga Moscowitch died November 28, 2014.  
Survived by her son, Fred Moscowitch (Patricia); two grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
Remembered by nieces Sonya Neilsen and Stacia Berndt and their families. Always in our hearts.
Giorgi Macharashvili

In loving memory of Giorgi Macharashvili - you will always be in our hearts. Irakli and Shorena

Vincent Paturynski

"Loved and remembered always" Tanja, Nick,Yvonne, Peter and Mary
"Miss you Pop-pop" Stephen, Laura, David and Michael

Dorothy and Andrew Burochonock

Laurie Checco, Jeff Slusarz, Sonya Neilsen, Stacia Berndt remember their family members Dorothy (passed away Oct. 30, 2012) and Andy (passed away Feb. 20, 2013).

Luke Andrew Nichols (1990-2012)
In loving memory of Luke. The Nichols (Barbara, Gary and Chelsea), Bulakowski and Lanuk families
Mildred Kopesky McNamara

Walt, Renee and Walter Kopesky remember Walt's Mom with Love

Tiffany Kopesky (01/19/1974 - 05/29/1993)

The Kopesky Jr. family (Walt, Renee & Walter) with love remember Tiffany Kopesky. Forever in our hearts.

Michael P. Lanuk (11/01/1919 - 02/07/2000)

The Kopesky Jr. family (Walt, Renee & Walter) remember Renee's dad Michael Lanuk (Big Mike)

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