St Mary's Holy Assumption
Russian Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
Bulletin Oct 22, 2017

St. Mary’s Holy Assumption Orthodox Church

141 Den Road

Stamford, CT 06903

Rectory 203-329-9933

October 22, 2017

EpistleGalatians 1:11-19

Gospel Luke 16: 19-31


Coffee Hour

Oct. 22 Tamara Kokilashvili

Oct. 29, Troika Fair

N0v. 5 Tina Kay


Church Services

Sat., Oct.28 Vespers at 6PM

Sun., Oct. 29  Divine Liturgy at 10AM


Oct. 27, 28, and 29 Troika Fair----This is the most important fundraiser. Much depends on the success of this event.

The women of the Parish have been working very hard to prepare the various foods and baked goods for the Fair. Much help is needed during the days of this Fair. See or contact Irina Yugay if you can assist.

Also please bring other people with you to our Fair. Let them come and learn about our history and traditions. Bring to their attention that St. Mary’s Holy Assumption Orthodox Church has been a part of Stamford community for over 104 years.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Please remember to turn in your raffle tickets by Friday, Oct.27.


The sidewalk project is well under way. It will soon be completed. This project will  cost $15,000. We have already received $2,900 in donations.  Any donations to defray the cost will be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about this, see Barbara.



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