St Mary's Holy Assumption
Russian Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
Coronavirus Update

With deep sorrow, we announce that, at the direction of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon our church has been closed until further notice. Below is message from Holy Synod of Bishops to us at this difficult time. You can find full text on

Please see  message from Metropolitan Tikhon to the clergy, monastics, and faithful of the Archdiocese of Washington, the Albanian Archdiocese, the Diocese of New England, and the Stavropegial Monasteries and Seminaries. Offered on the Sunday of St John of the Ladder, 2020.


Helpful resources

It's very important for us to keep praying in this difficult times. In fact, we should use this opportunity to pray more than we usually do as we have more time home. Please find live streams of services. Due to fast changing situation, some churches may be closing. We hope that at least some will still work.




Gospel readings of the day with commentaries in Russian


OCA Church School offers online classes for the following sections: grades 3-5; grades 6-8; grades 9-12. Classes start on March 25 at 12:30pm Pacific Time, click on this link to be taken to the on-line Zoom classroom. Registration is not necessary.




0 Lord, our God, look down from Thy Holy Heaven on the supplication ofus, Thy sinful and unworthy servants, who have angered Thy graciousness by our transgressions, and have provoked Thy deep compas-sion, and enter not into judgment with Thy servants. But do Thou turn aside Thy fearsome anger that justly has seized us, appease the destructive threatening, avert Thy terrible sword that, although invisible, is cutting us grievously, and spare Thy poor and needy servants. Enclose not with death the souls of us who have fallen down in repentance with broken hearts and tears before Thee, our kindhearted, condescending and accommodating God.
114 For Thine it is to show mercy and to save, 0 our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages


Господи Боже наш, призри с высоты святыя Твоея на молитву нас грешных и недостойных рабов Твоих, беззаконьми нашими Твою благость прогневавших, и милосердие Твое раздраживших, и не вниди в суд с рабами Твоими, но отврати страшный гнев Твой праведно на нас движимый, утоли губительное прещение, устави грозный Твой меч, невидимо безвременно секущий нас, и пощади нищих и убогих рабов Твоих, и не затвори в смерти души наша, в покаянии сокрушенным сердцем и со слезами к Тебе, Милосердому, Благоуветливому, и Благопременительному Богу нашему припадающих. Твое бо есть еже миловати и спасати ны, Боже наш, и Тебе славу возсылаем, Отцу и Сыну и Святому Духу, ныне, и присно, и во веки веков. Аминь.



Maslyanitsa Celebration
Join us to celebrate our traditional Maslyanitsa (Butter week). This is a festive week before the Great Lent when families and friends meet and enjoy festive meals of blini, butter, chease and other delicious dishes. This is a great opportunity for everyone to forgive old  quarrels and conflicts in preparation for the Fogiveness Sunday.
The lunch will be “a la carte” which means that you only pay for what you choose to eat. There will be all types of Blini  and Georgian foods to eat in or take home. Our famous nut rolls will be on sale as well.
Sunday, February 23 after Divine Liturgy
Everybody is welcome, bring falimies and friends, support your Church!
Holy Theophany

On January 6th, Orthodox Christians gather together for the Feast of Theophany. This feast is the third most important feast day in the Orthodox Church (after Pascha and Pentecost). Yes, it’s even more important than Christmas! On this day, we commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by St. John the Forerunner.  Another name for the feast is Theophany, for it is shown—it is revealed at Jesus Christ’s baptism—that He is the Son of God.  Indeed, the Holy Trinity is revealed at His baptism, for the Father says, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” and the Holy Spirit descends upon Him in the form of a dove. 

The meaning of the Feast of Christmas is fulfilled at Theophany, for now it is made clear that the One born in Bethlehem is truly God, come to restore our fallen nature and to renew the entire creation by uniting humanity with divinity in Himself.  And even as the Son of God entered our world at His birth, He now enters the flowing water of a river in order to make it holy, in order to bring His blessing and fulfillment upon the world that He created. 

Schedule of services this week

Tues., Dec. 31 Vespers at 5PM New Years Eve

Wed., Jan. 1 Cicumcision of The Lord  Divine Liturgy at 10 AM….New Years Day

Sat., Jan. 4  Vespers  6PM followed by General Confession

Sun., Jan. 5, Divine Liturgy at 10 AM

Sun., Jan., 5 Great Vespers 5PM Theophany; The Blessing of Water

Mon. Jan., 6 Theophany; Divine Liturgy at 10AM. The Blessing of Water

Please remember to bring a container for the Holy Water.


Nativity Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Let's joyously celebrate coming of our Lord together

Dec. 24 at 5 PM Christmas Eve, Nativity Eve Vigil Services followed by the Holy Supper. Traditional Lenten food will be served. Stay with us, join our family in Christ.

Tue., Dec. 25, 10 AM Divine Liturgy, Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ followed by special brunch and Christmas concert.


Sing along with our church choir. Program includes traditional Christmas hymns, spirituals, and carols from all over the world along with modern festive songs.

Bring families and friends, everybody is welcomer! 

Visit of His Beatitude Tikhon

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


On November 10th we are blessed and privileged to have his beatitude Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of all America and Canada and Locum Tenens of our diocese visit St. Mary’s Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Stamford, for the first time. Our Thanksgiving dinner will coincide with this event. I am informing and inviting all of our parishioners, their families and friends to come and celebrate this momentous occasion with us. The fullness of liturgy can only be experienced when a deacon, priest and bishop serve together. This is a rare opportunity to witness and partake of this beautiful service. Let us fill our church to the brim and welcome the Metropolitan with honor and a strong presence. I look forward to seeing all of you there.


Your Pastor,

Father Vladimir Horoszczak

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey dinner will be hosted on Sunday, Nov. 10, after divine Liturgy. Tickets will be available at the door. Adults $15 and children 10 years and over $10.

Join us to celebrate end of the fall season, share the meal with us or take out home-made delicious food.

Our famous freshly baked nut rolls will be on sale.

Raffle drawing will be held after the dinner. Raffle tickets are still available.

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