St Mary's Holy Assumption
Orthodox Church
141 Den Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
  • Volunteers are needed to light the candle lamps in front of the icons on Sundays before Divine Liturgy. You must be able to be in church by 9:20am.
  • Volunteers are needed to vacuum and do a few small chores after services on Sunday.
  • Volunteers are always needed to help in keeping the church hall clean which includes the kitchen and lavatories. 
If you wish to volunteer, please leave your name at the back desk or see Barbara Driscoll.


The church choir in the Orthodox church is very important. The beautiful singing enhances the services.  We welcome anyone who would like to sing in the choir, especially men. God gave us all voices.  Let us offer them up to Him in prayerful singing. Come join now!

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